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Self-Loading Attachment for Pipe-Handling Efficiency

About the FastLoad® Patented System
• Pipes are placed in a line, end to end. No need to double handle each stick of pipe.
• The operator performs the pipe loading from inside the cabin.
• The MFT drives to the pipe, loads the pipe onto the roller assembly – eliminating the need for ground staff.

• Fast Fusion trains the operator.
• Gates at the entry and exit points of the pipe are in direct alignment with the loading system.
• Only available on Fast Fusion MobileFusion Trac machines.

Fast Fusion’s MobileFusion Trac and FastLoad technology dramatically increases the production capacity and number of fusion welds produced per hour over any other machine offered in the industry and is backed by Fast Fusion’s THREE year warranty!

Benefits of FastLoad Technology

More Productive

By having the tools to load the pipe available within the cab, FastLoad is much faster than waiting on heavy equipment to get in position, lift, load and hold the pipe in place.

A Safer Fusion Site

By protecting the fusion operator in a cab and using the FastLoad boom, you’re removing heavy equipment and you’re creating a safer fusion site.