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MobileFusion Trac®

The Fastest and Safest
Way To Fuse

70% More Productive
Than Conventional Fusion

No matter how extreme the weather, Fast Fusion MobileFusion Trac (MFT) machines handle the pipe effectively without the use of tents or containers. The pipe is strung joint-to-joint on the right-of-way and the MFT machine moves forward straddling the pipe. The FastLoad® self-loading front boom is used to pick up the pipe and load the pipe into the fusion machine. The machine welds the pipe using industry-known pipe fusion equipment and the fully automatic Fast Fusion® weld cooling temperature control is applied. The machine then simply moves through the pipe to the next pipe joint to be joined. It all comes down to time saved – money earned. It is the safest way to fuse pipe!

MobileFusion Trac Models


MobileFusion Trac 12

4" to 12" OD
(110 to 315mm)

MobileFusion Trac 20

6" to 20" OD
(160 to 500mm)

MobileFusion Trac 36

20" to 36" OD
(500 to 900mm)

Benefits of MobileFusion Trac Machines

All Weather

Fusing within a cab keeps you out of the elements – anything from snow to wind to rain stays outside and away from the fusion joint and the operator.

70% More Productive

By speeding the pipe fusion cooling process, the MobileFusion Trac is proven to be much more productive than conventional fusion. 

Experience Innovation with FastLoad®

Our FastLoad® self-loading front boom makes HDPE pipe fusion a one-person operation. Load the pipe easily with no extra heavy equipment on site to load or hold the pipe in place.

A Safer Fusion Site

By protecting the fusion operator in a cab and using the FastLoad boom, you’re removing heavy equipment and you’re creating a safer fusion site.