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Fast Fusion Identity Standards

Our Identity Standards

Please read, understand fully, and comply with the identity directives below before producing materials using any of FastFusion’s Trade Marked materials – including but not limited to – names, logos and graphic materials.

In articles referencing FastFusion and/or FastFusion’s products, FastFusion’s world wide web address (www.fast-fusion.com) should be placed in parenthesis immediately after the first mention of the FastFusion and/or FastFusion’s Mobile Fusion product’s name in the ad/article copy. Also note that many of Fast Fusion’s innovations carry a registered trademark symbol:
Fast Fusion (www.fast-fusion.com)
MobileFusion Trac® (www.fast-fusion.com)
CoolPack® (www.fast-fusion.com)
Fast Load® (www.fast-fusion.com)
Below, you will find the logos, colors and other identifying marks that complete the Fast Fusion branding marks. If you should have any questions regarding these marks, contact us here.

Our Colors

Fast Fusion’s branding colors consist of a specific red and black color, carefully chosen to represent the organization and products. The colors can be matched by using the following color coding:

Pantone: 485 C Pantone Solid Coated
CMYK: 8/89/100/1
RGB: 204/12/0
Web: #cc0c00

CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 0/0/0
Web: #000000

Paint Color: 949436 TCP

CMYK: 0/0/0/0
RGB: 255/255/255

Our Logos

When using the Fast Fusion family of logos, do not stretch or adjust the presented ratio of the logos below. If you need a special version of the logo, please contact us here.

Logotype Notes:
Logotype when displayed beside logo is 5/8 height of fused FFs logo. Both logotype and Fused FFs logo shall be aligned vertically on the same horizontal axis. Fast and Fusion are together as one word, differentiated by color, not spacing.

The logotype is based on the Transrobotics font with modified upper case A. The upper case “N” was used and a crossbar added to make the “A.” Stencil stripes were added as well to “A,” “S,” “U,” “O,” and “N.” Transrobotics was also used in creating the MobileFusion Trac and other logos.