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Fast Fusion Statement on Vietz GmbH Patent Infringement

For Immediate Release – January 26, 2021

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GRAND JUNCTION, COLO. — Fast Fusion, LLC announced today that in June of 2020 it initiated an inspection proceeding, ordered by the District Court of Düsseldorf (Germany), whereby a court appointed expert in a dawn raid like procedure, inspected various heavy pipe fusion equipment of Vietz GmbH in Hannover, Germany. The outcome of which affirmed Fast Fusion’s suspicions that Vietz was infringing at least one of Fast Fusion’s patents. On the same basis a criminal complaint has also been lodged in Germany against Vietz GmbH owner and general manager, Ms. Waltraud Vietz. 

In the court proceedings Fast Fusion alleges that Vietz GmbH has manufactured and sold mobile pipe fusion equipment, and in particular Vietz’s VFT 500, in direct violation of Fast Fusion’s patent rights. If successful, remedies available to Fast Fusion include a permanent injunction, disassembly of units and removal of components which infringe upon Fast Fusion’s intellectual property rights, as well as monetary damages. Fast Fusion, LLC is further considering its legal options against others – not limited to Germany – acting in concert with Vietz GmbH by making, selling, leasing or using products which infringe upon Fast Fusion’s patent rights. 

Since its inception Fast Fusion has been the innovation leader for mobile pipe fusion machines and related equipment, having been awarded numerous patents in the United States, Europe, Eurasia, Australia and other countries. “Our ingenuity emanates from our absolute commitment to bringing forth technologies that increase safety in polyethylene pipe welding, eliminate fusion failures, increase production per hour and create other cost saving efficiencies in the HDPE and pipeline construction industries”, stated Richard McKinley, Fast Fusion, LLC Principal, and named inventor on the patents infringed by Vietz GmbH. 

About Fast Fusion, LLC

Fast Fusion, LLC is a privately owned, specialized equipment manufacturing company having a primary focus of bringing new innovation and technology to the HDPE and pipeline construction industries. Fast Fusion machinery is considered auxiliary equipment for pipeline contractor fleets. The company is dedicated to designing and manufacturing Mobile/Automated machines for polyethylene pipe fusion. 


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