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Cool Pack®

For 4" to 79" OD (110 to 2000mm) HPDE Pipe

Pipe Fusion
As It Should Be

Two Times More Productive
Than Conventional Fusion

Cool Pack® machines are self contained and compact, with the ability to be easily transported to the field. 
 • Operator friendly – the connection time of the Cool Pack® to the fusion machine takes only minutes.
 • Skid mounting allows Cool Pack® to move along with the butt fusion welding equipment.
 • We have created an easy way to improve your productivity.
 Compressor pack and accessory kit
• Kit includes an umbilical connection to the diffuser box that applies air to the circumference of the HDPE weld.
• The Fast Fusion® Controller allows the operator to set the pipe weld cooling specifications for a guaranteed weld each time.
Various Cool Pack® sizes
• Sizes are available to accommodate from 4” (110mm) up to 79” OD (2000mm) HDPE pipe.
• We listen to your needs and that is why we offer multiple sizes.
Cool Pack® machines include Fast Fusion® technology for weld bead cooling plus a diesel engine. The complete innovative package allows the operator to DOUBLE the welds per hour by reducing fusion welding costs by 50%.

Cool Pack® Models


Cool Pack 500

4" to 20" OD - (110 to 500mm)

Cool Pack 36

4" to 36" OD - (110 to 900mm)

Cool Pack 48

4" to 48" OD - (110 to 1200mm)

Cool Pack 1600

8" to 65" OD - (225 to 1600mm)

Cool Pack 2000

54" to 2000mm OD

Cool Pack 3000

Up to 3000mm OD

Benefits of Cool Pack Machines

Fully Automatic Control

Each Cool Pack comes with fully automatic controls that are easy to understand and walk the fusion operator through the Fast Fusion process.

Double Your Productivity

By speeding the pipe fusion cooling process, the Cool Pack doubles your productivity on pipe fusions of all sizes.

Easy to Install

The halos that help the cooling process attach to the jaws of fusion machines quickly, and is ready to cool the fusion process in minutes.

Available Worldwide

The Cool Pack and all Fast Fusion products are available worldwide. We’ve helped fuse pipe on every continent but Antarctica!