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About Fast Fusion

Our Company

Fast Fusion, LLC is a small privately held equipment manufacturing company. Our primary focus is bringing new innovation and technology to the HDPE industry & construction industry as a whole. We are considered an auxiliary piece of equipment added to pipeline contractor fleets.
We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing Mobile/Automated machines that are specialized in Pipe Fusion of Polyethylene.  Innovation is our key to success by listening to the Users and determining how to cool fusion welds quicker than traditional ambient temperature long wait periods. Our Owners will tell you that the Fast Fusion®, MobileFusion Trac® Machines exceed anything else in the marketplace. No more setting up tents or containers hoping the day will be perfect to fuse pipe. Less site personnel and assist machines translates to a safer job and dramatically reduced costs. With up to 70% quicker weld times, the machine pays for itself quickly. Win more jobs by fusing faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before.

Our Promise

To provide you with safe, efficient, reliable, and highly productive utility construction equipment used with polyethylene pipe fusion.

Our Pledge

To provide exemplary after sales support of Fast Fusion equipment worldwide.

The Fast Fusion Team


Tom Monroe

Regional Sales Representative - North America

Aaron Lang

Mechanical & Technical Support Manager